Welcome to my website. I am just a guy who is working hard to make real estate a fun

experience for everybody.

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David Waldrip is an experienced real estate agent and investor who has been in the business officially since he was eighteen years old. However real estate is in his blood. He started off in the business at a much younger age than most.

David Young BoyWhile other kids were playing and eating cereal David was being taken to new development projects that included subdivisions, office parks, retail centers and gas stations. He was even there when the core was issuing his parents dock permits for lots, at meetings with county commissioners, and at the office on Saturday’s ( in a playpen ) when his mom was the agent on duty.

These things would set David on a path to become a real estate agent and avid investor himself. A few years after receiving his real estate license he purchased three houses when he was just twenty one years old. He remodeled all three of them and sold two of them while retaining the other as his own personal home. David has continued to buy and sell real estate, broker deals for others, and builds platforms for real estate systems that he and his company use.

Through the years he has experienced the peaks and valleys of real estate cycles from the side of both an agent and an investor. He did this at a fairly young age and continues to navigate the investment waters for his clients today.

When he isn’t working David spends time with friends and family, goes on mission trips through his church, and finds time for adventure motorcycle riding around the globe.