How living in a town home can drastically simplify your life.


” You can do anything, you just can’t do everything.”

- Walt Disney

It might be true that the world is moving faster than ever. Perhaps it seems that one thing is certain with most people – the amount of commitments they have. Between work, spouse, kids, after school events, hobbies and the like, we are spread thin these days. Let us not leave out the amount of maintenance our homes require such as painting, cleaning, yard work, and a new roof every fifteen years or so. This can be overwhelming with amount of things to keep up with. Do not forget that you have to own and store all the tools you would need for each activity. A lot of people would just go and rent tools when they are needed and that does work, but wouldn’t it eat up time you would rather spend to enjoy with friends and family? So compared to home ownership, could the new rising star for the young and the old people alike be a town house or a condominium unit? For many, the answer might be in the affirmative. Let’s take a few minutes to review the benefits.


Town houses are living units that are attached to each other and share common grounds. These properties are often times more affordable to purchase and maintain than homes. The cost is lower due to the fact that you are purchasing less actual property with your home. In fact, you might not even “own” your yard but this isn’t a draw back, rather a benefit. Also builders and developers can create these properties for less money due to the fact that they are able to utilize the land in a more efficient fashion than a single family home on one big lot. Town homes in Gainesville, Ga range from $50,000 to $450,000.

Beyond your initial cost savings on the purchase price, you can save money every month. Heating and cooling will often be lower if you purchase an interior unit and your neighbors have placed air conditioning units to keep their units comfortable. Also, you will most likely not have to own any yard maintenance equipment since the Home Owners Association (HOA) will be responsible for such. Now there is a fee you will have to pay to the HOA for these services, but it is much lower than what an individual home-owner would expect to pay. A real life example would be at the Sandridge Commons. There are 41 town houses in this complex, and the monthly cost for lawn care is $19.50 per yard. Yes, you read that right. Try getting someone to cut the grass EVERY week, trimming the bushes twice a year, and blow off the driveway or the common areas at your current home for that price. Go ahead and call your landscaper right now and ask. I’ll wait…

I’m guessing if you did call your landscaper and requested the price, all he gave you was a good chuckle. Obviously, there is substantial financial benefits to buying and living out your days in a town home community.

Time Saving

The financial savings of town house ownership is definitely appealing, but time savings is my personal favorite. The lack of yard work is almost enough to make me move to a place like this today. Oh, wait! I do live in a community like this. Ever since I moved, I have not done any yard maintenance. I don’t need to and therefore I don’t need to own any tools for that.

From what I stated earlier, the front yards are usually considered common ground too, meaning the HOA is responsible for maintaining things like the mailbox, driveways, and even gutters. If you are considering in buying a town house or condominium unit, make sure you or your realtor have read of the neighborhood covenants to determine what the HOA actually covers.

Do you like to constantly remind yourself to pay the bills? No? Neither do I. That is why it’s nice to have fewer of them. Home owner association dues often times include insurance, pest control, landscaping, and sometimes water. This saves you from having to worry about paying these individually. With all the time saving a town home offers what will you do with yourself? Have fun and spend your time doing more important things that is worth your time!


Another great feature about town house living is that

they are most of the time conveniently located. Developers aim to locate their projects in desirable areas that offer close proximity to many amenities. Often times, walking, biking, or riding a moped from your town home can save gas and time. This in return simplifies your life in ways that a home just cannot compete with.


Have you ever lived in a place where neighbors spent time together? Perhaps they welcomed you to the neighborhood with a tasty baked dessert or a gift. If you haven’t experienced this, then perhaps you should consider moving to a town house neighborhood. Whether it’s the people or the nature of this type of community there is something great about living in close proximity to other like-minded people.

When someone leaves a gift at your door or invites you to got for a walk, it is an uplifting gesture that has become too rare. Having neighbors that become your friends can really help simplify life.

Need some sugar? Go next door!

Want to seek wise counsel from a wise elder? Go next door!

Need a cup of sugar for that cake you are mixing up and just realized you don’t have enough? Go next door!

Knowing that you have people in your community that genuinely care for you and will help you out if needed, leads to a simpler life. When you know the people around you have your back then you worry less which will produce a simpler life.

Is it possible to find all these features in a single family, unattached home? I would have to agree. However, in my experience of living in all types of different properties, I have found the town house community is the best. I am a big fan of the low maintenance life and I prefer to spend my time doing other things than simply maintaining a yard, just because I feel obligated to. So take a look at your local market and see what options are out there for you, if you do want to try something new. Many of the people I know are making the switch and they couldn’t be happier. I believe if you give it a shot, you will love it too!

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